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Articles in refereed journals

Welfare policy in the presence of unionised labour and internationally mobile firms

(with Ronnie Schöb), Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Vol. 113, No. 1, pp. 93-119, 2011.


Keywords: Offshoring; import competition; unemployment; oligopoly; redistribution

How elastic are national corporate income tax bases in OECD countries? The role of domestic and foreign tax rates

(with Aleksandra Riedl), Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d'économique, Vol. 45, Issue 2, pp. 632-671, 2012.


Keywords: Tax competition; national corporate income tax base elasticity; international fiscal externalities; instrumental variables; panel data estimation

Working Papers

The pain and gain of offshoring: The role of tax progression in a segmented labour market

CESifo Working Paper Series 3739, February 2012 (submitted).


Keywords: production relocation; unionised oligopoly; labour market segmentation; labour income tax progression; trade union preferences

Regional post-enlargement net migration in the European Union

(with Sascha Sardadvar), mimeo WU, February 2012 (submitted).


Keywords: regional net migration; enlarged EU; push and pull factors; spatial econometrics; human capital

Welfare Policy in the Presence of Unionised Labour and Internationally Mobile Firms

(with Ronnie Schöb)


Discussion Paper 2009/14, Free University Berlin, School of Business and Economics,

CESifo Working Paper Series 3032, April 2010

Testing the Tax Competition Theory: How Elastic are National Tax Bases in OECD Countries?

(with Aleksandra Riedl), CESifo Working Paper Series 2669, June 2009

Testing the tax competition theory: How elastic are national tax bases in western Europe?

(with Aleksandra Riedl), WU Department of Economics Working Paper no. 112, November 2007; Oesterreichische Nationalbank Working Paper no. 142, April 2008.

Labour tax policies and strategic offshoring under unionised oligopoly

WU Department of Economics Working Paper no. 99, November 2006

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